Friday, May 14, 2010

With Which Comic Book Character Do You Identify?

So, I figured I would post something simple to keep the blog going while Dylan and I decide on the next challenge. Many people have a single comic book character with whom they identify, usually their favorite.

My favorite? Squirrel Girl.

I have a tendency to look up the most random and obscure things in my fandoms and become attached to them. Squirrel Girl was a result of this. I forget how this started exactly, but once I discovered Squirrel Girl and how powerful she was, I was smitten.

Doreen Green has all the powers of a squirrel, can control squirrels, and gain energy from eating nuts. She also has had two different companion squirrels that could talk and operate machinery, named Monkey Joe (who dies) and Tippy-Toe. She has short, wavy brown hair, and slightly buckteeth (traits we both share). She appeared once in Marvel Superheroes vol. 2, issue 8, released Jan. 1992. Then, she didn't appear for several years, but eventually became a member of the Great Lakes Avengers, whoopin' the ass of every supervillain that came her way.

I identify with her for this reason: I may look cute and cuddly, and I am, but if you piss me off, I will fuck you up.

Alright then, who is your signature superhero?

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  1. He's also my favorite, but I think I'd have to go with Spider-man. We have the same build--both scrappers, we're both nerds, and I feel like throwing jokes at an enemy's face while you're wiping the floor with him, or he's wiping the floor with you, would be right up my alley.