Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Manifesto

Take a hyperactive Trekkie/Whedonite guy and a sardonic Pokémon Master/Power Ranger nut girl and pair them up and you've got a recipe for geek madness. In the short time we've been dating, we've compared notes on a lot of different geek culture topics, issuing each other on a nearly daily basis with what we call Geek Challenges, such as "assemble your dream X-Men team of 7 (mainstream Marvel universe only)" or "Marry/Boff/Kill: Dr. Bashir, Chief O'Brien, Quark." We've had enough fun with it and have gotten so obsessive about good record-keeping that we decided to start posting them on the internet for the whole world (probably 3 of you) to see!

So, a few times a week we'll be posting our insane nerd musings, discussions, commentaries and Geektastic Challenges for you to enjoy and respond to. Feel free to leave your own thoughts and lists. We'll be putting up our first question (that X-Men one) within the next 24 hours or so.

Wish us luck,
Ren Cullen (girl)
Dylan Roth (boy)
(Our names are somewhat androgynous)

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